Private Reserve Airtight Strongbox, 2.5 L, 8.3" x 6" x 4"

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Private Reserve Airtight Strongbox

Private Reserve’s Airtight Strongboxes were designed to keep your plant-based products sealed and safe.  These Strongboxes are made of food-safe stainless steel, and conceal odors.  The food-safe silicone seal helps prevent leaks, and the rounded square shape makes these great for stacking large quantities.  Keep you prized harvest safe and secure with the Private Reserve Airtight Strongbox! 

  • Food-safe stainless steel
  • Food-safe silicone gasket
  • Watertight and airtight, holds in odors
  • Rounded rectangle shape for better stacking and packing
  • Top handle for easier carrying
  • Four sizes available: 2.5 L, 5 L, 7.5 L, 10 L

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