Basic Enclosed Reflector

by Grow1
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Basic Enclosed Reflector - This high quality basic enclosed reflector is compact and made of highly reflective material. Perfect for small to medium gardens. Allows uniform light distribution. Adjustable width to widen or limit the surface area and increase efficiency. Pre-installed lamp socket, 10' cord, and 2 hanging clips included. Works with 250w through 1000w wattage bulbs and ballast. MH and HPS compatible. Completely assembled and ready to use.

- Completely assembled
- 2 Hanging clips included
- Reflector dimensions 19.75" x 17"
- Economical
- Lightweight
- Durable
- Works with MH and HPS
- Works with 250w through 1000w
- Top quality german aluminum interior for excellent output and uniformity
- Lamp not included but available on our website

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