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National Hydro Group | The Hydro Alliance

National Hydro Group is one of the largest online hydroponics supplies stores in the US (along with a couple others). Let's be real - we all want your business. Some claim to be the biggest, the best or simply un-beatable. Who are they to judge? Our customers know what's up so there is no need to make unsubstantiated claims. Give us an opportunity to earn your business and trust. We will do everything to ensure your satisfaction both in-store and online. We believe in the service we provide, pure and simple.

Our online hydroponics, greenhouse, and indoor growing equipment catalog has over 18,000+ products and is growing daily - just like your garden.

National Hydro Group is your new home for: hydroponics systems, grow tent kits, LED grow lights, DE grow lights, HPS/MH grow lights, CMH grow lights, soil, media, coco coir, rockwool, fans, filters, propagation equipment, controllers, metersnutrients, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, and more!

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